Maida Hundeling stars in concert at 18th Annual Music Festival at the Kroměříž Castle

2nd Jun, 2017

On July 2, Ms. Hundeling will appear in concert during the 18th Annual Music Festival held in the historic greenhouse of the Kroměříž Castle in Zlín, Czech Republic. The Castle is a recognized UNESCO world heritage site which received a specific designation for its very rare and largely intact Baroque garden surrounding the concert venue. Ms. Hundeling will interpret Elsa in the evening’s program showcasing excerpts from Wagner’s Lohengrin. She is joined by soprano Iordanka Derilova, tenor Ales Briscein and baritone Ulf Paulsen. Maestro Robert Jindra leads the Philharmonic Orchestra of Zlín from the podium. Ms. Hundeling’s previous portrayals of Wagnerian heroines have received immense critical acclaim extolled as “Maida Hundeling….. perfectly fulfilled the image of the Wagnerian character, both in her singing, and acting. She sang securely and beautifully in all registers, she is a charismatic and sophisticated soprano singer in her prime means of expressing emotions, varying from dreamy girl to later a determined woman” (